• Lost Worlds is hosting an immersive NFT experience during the NFT.NYC event in New York from April 11-14.
• The experience will explore new ways to interact with digital assets, such as unlocking access to token gated merch and real-world events.
• Partnerships have been created with some of the biggest names in the space, such as Web3 lifestyle app STEPN and DeLabs.

Lost Worlds to Host Immersive NFT Experience

Lost Worlds has announced LOST.NYC, an immersive experience taking place in New York from April 11-14 during the preeminent conference for the NFT community, NFT.NYC. This unique event aims to bring Pokemon-Go like experience to NFTs with location based nft minting by geofencing them into physical locations and unlocking new and exciting ways to interact with digital assets.

Partnerships for Real World Experiences

To showcase the new utility afforded by this technology, Lost Worlds has partnered with some of the biggest names in the space for NFT.NYC such as Web3 lifestyle app STEPN, utilising Lost World’s geoNFTs to provide memorable IRL to URL experiences that drop scavenger hunt like geoNFTs at running locations including Central Park during NFT.NYC; Minters will be able to claim a badge and become eligible for exclusive STEPN mints on the MOOAR platform; And DeLabs, creators of DeGods and Y00Ts are also teaming up with Lost Worlds on a series of exclusive challenges that can only be completed at certain physical locations throughout NYC.

Unlocking Access To Token Gated Merch

In addition outside of this experience holders of these assets can gain access to token gated merch, real-world events, exclusive NFT drops, and more that Unlocking access provides users a way to explore their digital assets within their own cities or even around the globe – allowing them an opportunity for deeper engagement than ever before possible within blockchain spaces..

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive user interface allows anyone from any technical background to use it easily – meaning no prior crypto knowledge is required – making it perfect for both seasoned veterans looking for something new as well as newcomers who want an easy entry point into blockchain projects..


All in all this is an exciting project which offers great potential for exploring new ways of interacting with digital assets through creative real world experiences that benefit both veteran users as well as newcomers alike!