• Bitget, a crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has announced a $10 million investment in the Fetch.ai ecosystem.
• The move is aimed at furthering the development of artificial intelligence (AI) services on the Fetch.ai platform.
• Services from Bitget will include marketing consultations and strategic directions for the AI-based platform.

Bitget Investing $10 Million in Fetch.ai Ecosystem

Crypto derivatives and copy trading platform Bitget has pledged $10 million to support the development of the Fetch.ai ecosystem as part of its commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI). The funds will be used to provide various services such as marketing consultation and strategic direction for the AI-focused platform.

Fetch.ai Platform Features

Fetch.ai offers service automation infrastructure powered by an AI agent network that can perform tasks such as data analysis and financial modeling. This is part of a larger trend towards increased use of AI in different industries, particularly chatbot platforms like ChatGPT that are becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to automate customer service activities.

BitGet Managing Director’s Statement

BitGet managing director Gracy Chen commented on the investment, noting that Fetch already consists of functioning technology solutions that have real-world applications: “That is the main reason we have decided to pledge our support to this promising startup and will continue to do so as we identify others in need of assistance from our dedicated fund”

Fetch CEO Humayun Sheikh’s Statement

Humayun Sheikh, founder and CEO of Fetech noted that blockchain technology provides many opportunities when combined with AI: “We strongly believe that by combining blockchain technology with autonomous agents we can create powerful new systems that can unlock vast potential across markets”


Bitget’s $10 million investment in Fetch marks another step forward for those looking to leverage AI technologies for their business needs – demonstrating both the value these platforms can bring as well as their potential for growth in coming years.